“Ed continues to provide great support, providing insightful and top notch professional advice and products that we need to move our business forward.” Science Manager

As well as working on teaching materials and CPD events, Ed also gets involved with a various curriculum development projects.

These have included:

  • Trialling the use of practical skills assessment for AQA at GCSE and A level
  • Developing structure, criteria, assessment and training for the National Science Learning Centre’s Science Mark
  • Developing ‘Formula for Thrills’ – using a theme park as a context for STEM education – and ‘Life without STEM’ for Siemens Education
  • Developing education materials for Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park.
  • Trialling the use of iPads in science lessons using apps from Amplify
  • Development of storyline and science content for Light Theatre’s presentation of ‘The Magic Beanstalk’, touring primary schools and venues February 12th to April 10th 2016.  The show is aimed at ‘primary school pupils of all ages’; more details are available from Light Theatre.
  • Developing a set of teaching materials based on Ben Goldacre’s best selling book ‘Bad Science’.  These take the form of eight lesson plans, each challenging students to investigate some scientific (or pseudo scientific) claim and use their scientific knowledge and understanding to decide if it’s true.  These plans (and a video showing some of the ideas in action) are here.
  • Developing education materials for the London Tideways project.